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Underground Drainage & Sewer Systems: - A complete range of pipe and fittings from 110mm to 200mm diameter to BS EN1401-1.  110mm and 160mm pipe available in 3 metre and 6 metre lengths both with integral sockets.  Fittings include bends, junctions, bottle gullies, 300mm diameter mini access chambers, 450mm diameter inspection chambers.

Aboveground Soil Systems: - 110mm Ring Seal Soil in either black, grey or brown. Pipe supplied in either 3 metre or 4 metre lengths with single socket.  Full range of fittings including bends, branches, manifolds, reducers/adaptors for waste and rainwater.  110mm ‘Cast Iron’ ring seal soil system.  Pipe supplied in 1.8 metre lengths plain ended.  Complete range of ‘Cast Iron’ fittings.  110mm Solvent Weld Soil System supplied to order.  Range of W.C. connectors.  Internal and external air admittance valves.

Waste Systems: - ABS Solvent Weld System in 32/40/50mm, Polypropylene Push-Fit Waste System in 32/40/50mm, UPVC Overflow Waste System in 21.5mm diameter and a complete range of Waste Traps.

Rainwater Systems: -  Gutters available in 76mm Half Round, 112mm Half Round, 114mm Square Line, 110mm ‘Niagara’ Ogee, 114mm Hi-Capacity and 160mm Half Round.  Downpipe available in 65mm Square and 68mm Round.  ‘Woodgrain’ Style gutter and downpipe available in Square Line and Niagara Ogee.  ‘Cast Iron’ Style gutter and downpipe available in Half Round, Hi-Capacity and Niagara Ogee.

Hot and Cold Plumbing Systems: - Flexible and fully demountable push-fit plumbing system suitable for all domestic and small commercial hot (including central heating) and cold water installations.  15mm pipe available in 25 meter coils with a full range of push-fit fittings.

UPVC Roofline, Window and Cladding Systems: - A range of UPVC extrusions that offers a complete maintenance free solution to both Roofline and Window Systems.  Whether in white or with a laminated woodgrain finish the system comes with a 10 year guarantee for performance and colour.  Available in 5 metre lengths the 8mm thick board is suitable for refurbishment of existing timber boards, whilst the 18mm thick ‘Mammoth’ board may be installed direct to rafters.  Cladding Systems and trims are available in 5 metre lengths in 150mm wide Shiplap or 100mm wide V Joint cladding.

Water Storage Tanks/Oil Storage Tanks: - A huge range of cold water storage tanks for loft installation, above and below ground water storage tanks for external installation, i.e. for
storing spring-water and bunded domestic oil storage tanks.  Also rainwater butts for the garden.

Water and Gas Service Pipes: - Blue MDPE water supply pipe available in 25, 50 and 100 metre coils from 20mm to 63mm diameter.  Yellow MDPE gas supply pipe available in 50 metre coils from 20mm to 63mm diameter.  A full range of pushfit fittings for water pipe and compression fittings for gas pipe are carried in stock.  Black MDPE for above ground water and below ground effluent is also carried in stock in 50 metre coils from 20mm to 63mm.

Roofing Sheet: - Glass clear corrugated UPVC roofing sheet available in 6, 8, 10 and 12 foot lengths.  Polycarbonate roofing sheet available in 10, 16, 25 and 35mm thick sheets, either clear, bronze or opal together with a full range of glazing bars and accessories.